Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cedar Hill State Park 10-11 to 10-13-2012

Wow!  It has been a while since we have been camping!!  We just had a busy summer and it was HOT!!!   But we were so glad to get back out this weekend and go camping again!!  We took a fall break from school and went to Cedar Hill State Park!  We chose this park because Daniel had a dinner meeting Thursday night and this park was a lot closer than home for him to drive back to!  Plus the kids and I got to still have fun even though he had to work!!  But he didn't have to work on Friday and we got to spend the whole day as a family!!  It was so much fun!!

Here are the picture highlights from our trip!

Our nice little secluded spot.  (liked the spot but next time will try the southside - the northside was too close to the main road - too much road noise.)

 After we got Daddy off to work we set out on a hike!

 We sent Daddy a picture of our picnic spot at the end of the hiking trail!

 After lunch I sent the kids out to find different types of leaves.
 I told them to draw the different leaf shapes they found.

Here's a picture of us on the way back to the campsite.

When we got back to the camper I taught the kids how to do leaf and bark rubbings!  They thought this was just too cool!


 We then did one of their favorite activities - water coloring!!


We then went in the camper and made a yummy pan of brownies!!

Before we left for our hike I put supper in the crock pot!  A yummy soup recipe I found on Pinterest.  For supper we had soup, strawberries, chips and apples!!

  Alyssa's dorito face!

 That night we got in my bed and talked about stars and constellations (our current science topic in school) and then turned out the lights and had a fun time with our constellations projector.

On Friday Daddy didn't have to go into work so we had a full day as a family!  First we went fishing.

Alyssa found some friends!

We then went hiking on a duck pond trail.  Aaron found what he thought was a squirrel hole.  He ran right up to it and stuck his hand in it.  I am so glad there wasn't a squirrel in there!

The duck pond!  - no ducks there though...

We then found this neat little fishing pond!  The water was super clear and you could see all the little fish in there.  The kids had fun watching the little fish trying to get their worms.  I guess all the big fish were either hiding or were already full on little fish that they didn't want our worms.
  After fishing and hiking we came back to the camper and had a yummy fruit salad and pretzels for lunch.

And then we laid down and watched cartoons...of course Alyssa went to sleep!!  All this walking for 3 days straight (since we were at the State Fair the day before we went camping) wore her out!

The boys played some catch with Dad while Alyssa was sleeping.

We then got a fire started so we could grill our burgers for dinner!

And of course you can't have a good camping trip without some smores!!!

 It was a fun fun time!!  It has been way too long since we have been camping!!  We do have reservations to camp the week of Thanksgiving at Huntsville State Park (which is just a few miles from my parents house)!!  It will be a 4 night trip and we are so excited!!  :-)  I don't know if we will be able to do any camping between now and then...but if we do I will be sure to post here all about it!!

Until next time,


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