Monday, March 4, 2013

Meridian State Park - February 28--March 3, 2013

Well we had our first camping trip of the 2013 year this weekend and we had a blast!!

We had originally planned on going up to Oklahoma and taking Seth to see the Indians...but a big cold front came through last week and we really didn't feel like freezing all weekend (highs up there forcasted to be in 40s!) so we changed our plans and headed to Meridian State Park!  We love love love that park!  We had so much fun hiking and biking, and even made a fun trip to the Creation Evidence Museum and Fossil Rim while we were there too!!

Here are some picture highlights from our trip!  (NOTE: Aaron had one of the cameras during part of the time so we have pictures from  his point of view on here...they are all labeled.)

BIRDS!!!  If you follow our homeschool blog then you know we have been doing some bird study.  The kids and I are really getting into birdwatching and having a lot of fun with it!  There were plenty of birds to see on this trip!!

(from Aaron's point of view)

HIKING!!!  I think the kids are finally old enough to enjoy hiking!  LOL!  (It's hard to believe that we first tried hiking when Alyssa wasn't even 2 years old yet!!!)  Anyways - they are all great hikers now!!  We went on several hikes on this trip including a BIG one on Saturday where Daddy took us off the designated trail and we followed a dry creek bed for a while until we found another trail!!  We had a blast!  

Here are some pictures from all of our hikes!

 Finding a geocache!!!  WHOO HOO!!!

 Deer tracks!

On the banks of the Paluxy River at Dinosaur Valley State Park. 

 Another geocache at Dinosaur Valley - I loved the clever hiding spot!

 (From Aaron's point of view)

  (From Aaron's point of view)
  (From Aaron's point of view)
  (From Aaron's point of view)
  (From Aaron's point of view)

(From Aaron's point of view)

FOSSIL RIM!!  We figured the last time we had been to Fossil Rim was when Aaron was a baby!  It was a lot of fun to go back!  And because we are now Dallas Zoo members we got in half price!!  This made it almost affordable!  LOL!!  Kids had a blast!!

CREATION EVIDENCE MUSEUM!!!!  We stopped inside the Creation Evidence Museum while we were out!  They are building a replica of Noah's Ark!  This thing was COOL!!  The details they are putting into it are amazing!!

We also stopped over at Dinosaur Valley State Park (there were a couple of pictures noted above).  We stopped in the gift shop there and the very sweet lady working there that day let the boys touch a dinosaur bone!!

FOOD!!  Of course you know we love food!!  Daniel and I have been trying to diet lately so we were trying hard to be good (or at least I was).   Well we came up with some yummy meals!!

He got some tilapia filets that we grilled one day and put on our high fiber, low calorie tortillas with corn, tomatoes and light ranch dressing!  These were really good!!  (in fact we had them again after we got home on Sunday LOL!)

We also had some yummy grilled chicken with sweet potatoes that we tried to cook on the fire (but cheap foil almost ruined that but I was able to save them and finish them in the microwave) and green beans!

And of course you cannot have camping without smores - dieting or not! LOL!!  Daniel picked up the supplies this time and he got dark chocolate!  It was very good (but it doesn't melt like milk chocolate does).

AND LASTLY - just some miscellaneous picks!

Aaron found a ladybug and wanted me to get his picture with it!!

Look at this pretty moth I found!!  Neat colors!!

Aaron was such a big helper picking up trash!

It was a very good trip!!  The kids behaved very well and it was a nice break from life!!  As always, it was a bit sad packing up and coming back home!

We have made our reservations for our big family vacation!  We are going to BIG BEND!!!  I have never been and I am so excited!  We have 10 exciting nights planned out!!  We are all so excited!

We are hoping that our schedule will lend us to another weekend getaway before our vacation.  We are really wanting to go stay at Purtis Creek State Park!!

Until next time,


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