Monday, October 3, 2011

We went camping again - FINALLY!!

After a very long, HOT Summer we were able to go camping again this past weekend!!  Oh man how we have missed camping!!  The last time we went was in June when we went to Galveston.

We left out on Thursday night and set up at Waxahachie Creek Park on Bardwell Lake.  This is our go-to spot when we want to make a last minute trip!  it really is a pretty park.  On Thursday night we had barbeque sandwiches.  I cooked the bbq in the slow cooker all day Thursday, so we just had to heat it up and put it on our bread (which I happen to have some Subway bread that I got from a thrift store the week before and had put in the freezer)!  It was YUMMY!

A storm moved through on Thursday night.  It did rain a little bit, but not much!  But it did bring in much cooler temps - YAY!!!  The rest of the weekend was absolutely beautiful!!!

On Friday morning some really good friends of ours came out and joined us!!  It was so much fun camping with friends!!  We had a BLAST hanging out all day and playing!

The kids all enjoyed riding their bikes!

And they enjoyed being silly as well... LOL!!!

We enjoyed walking down by the lake!  I couldn't believe how low the lake is!!  WOW!!  The drought sure has affected this lake!

 When we were here before the water came all the way to that drop off!
 See that same drop off in the distance... all of this area was water back in May!!

 This is one of the boat ramps.. you see where it ends (where the white concrete area ends) and then you see land for quite a ways before you see the blue water.  WOW!

We also enjoyed making homemade ice cream!!  Angela introduced us to a new way of making ice cream.  You take a small zip lock bag and put in your milk and sugar and any other ingredients.  In some we had nesquick powder to make chocolate milk (you can also use chocolate syrup) and in some we had a drop of vanilla extract for vanilla ice cream.  You put that small bag into a larger bag that has ice and rock salt.  Seal the bag up good and wrap in dish towels and shake shake shake!!    After a few minutes you have ice cream!!
 Mattie working HARD shaking her bag.
 Aaron watching Mr. Tom shake his, while Joseph was busy shaking in the background!!
 Seth working on his bag!
 Alyssa trying to shake hers.  She got mad if I tried to help her!  But thankfully she would let others help her.

I promised the kids smores but it got too late to do them on Friday.  So we decided to let the kids have them for breakfast on Saturday morning (that way they had ALL DAY to work off the sugar - LOL!!)  Of course, due to the burn ban, we weren't able to do them over a real campfire :-(.  We had to use our grill instead.

Seth earned a new nickname this weekend - road rash!  Bless his heart he banged himself up several times trying to ride his bike down the hills!  He had one really bad fall where he banged up his head and his elbow pretty good.

But he did get in some good practice of riding the bike without his training wheels (thankfully we listened to Angela and took him to a grassy field - LOL!)  I got a good video of him riding!  (never mind the pajama pants - when we told him to go in and put some long pants on this is what he decided to put on LOL!)

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He wanted his training wheels back on as soon as we got back to the campsite because he said he was much faster on the road with them on.

We are trying to convince him now to let us take them back off here at the house and he can ride in the fields with them off.  We are trying to get him to understand if he does this for a few weeks, when we go camping again (at the end of the month by the way - with Angela and her family again LOL) he won't need his training wheels at all!!  

It was a fun weekend!!  We can't wait until the next trip!!

Until next time,

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