Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Summer 2012 RV Vacation - Part 3 USS Lexington and Texas State Aquarium

Welcome back!  You are reading part 3 of our 2012 RV Summer Vacation (click here if you missed part 1 and click here if you missed part 2).

In this Post I would like to share our adventures at the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi!  We had a lot of fun at both!!

The USS Lexington was a HUGE ship!!  It hit a sweet personal note with me because it was a sister ship of the USS Wasp, which my grandpa served on!!  So I kind of was able to see what life was like for him living on an aircraft carrier.  :-)

There was a lot of climbing of stairs.  Little Alyssa was a TROOPER and never complained about having to climb or come down the stairs and she didn't want any help doing it either!

It took between 4 and 5 hours to tour the ship!!  It was a BIG ship!

Here are some fun pictures from that trip!

The kids loved looking up in the wheel housing of the aircrafts on the flight deck.

Seeing them stand under the plane shows you just how big some of these planes were!

They had some of the guns set up where you could actually sit on the assembly and move the guns around.  The kids thought that was too cool!

 Here is Seth on the Bridge.
 Aaron on the bridge.
 Alyssa on the bridge (I think she was happy to sit down for a moment!)
 Yep!  This is where the boys belonged! LOL!!  (not really - they were actually really good!)

Seth flying a jet!
 Aaron flying a jet!
 Alyssa flying a jet!
 A stage that was on the main deck.  In fact they had just had some type of veteran's ceremony that morning before we got there.  We heard about it the night before and wondered if we need make an adjustment in our schedule to not go that day but the ceremony was done when we got there and there wasn't a big crowd so it worked out!
 I love this picture!  You can barely see her head!! LOL!
 The boys in the barber shop on the ship!
 This picture was actually taken at the aquarium but it has a good view of the ship in the background :-)  We didn't get any other pictures of the ship from a distance.

The next day we went to the Texas State Aquarium!  It was a nice, small aquarium.  Like most other aquariums it was way over priced but oh well!  And seeing the crowd that was there on a Tuesday - I would have hated to see the crowd on a Saturday!!  Apparently a daycare was having a field trip that day because there were little kids everywhere!  But we still had fun!

Alyssa and Daddy waiting for the dolphin show to start.

 Mommy, Daddy and Alyssa :-)
 The kids loved the dolphin show and seeing to fascinating dolphins do all their tricks!

 This next picture has got to be my favorite picture of all of vacation!!  I am thinking of getting this picture printed on canvas!!  I LOVE this picture!
 The sea turtles were cool!!
 The kids laughed at this funny little otter for the longest time!!  He was acting like he had an itch because he was rubbing his body on everything!  He was so funny to watch!
 Uh-oh!! Jelly fish!!!

 Alyssa loved looking at all the aquariums.  I think she would stand there for hours if we let her.
 And she fell in love with another boa constrictor.  Don't know what her fascination with them are.  (she wanted to take the one she saw a trainer holding at a show at the zoo home this spring!)  She even kissed the glass!!  
 They liked the sharks too!!

Well - I think I have one more post left to do!  (And am still only sharing a fraction of the pictures LOL!)

Stay tuned!

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