Monday, March 3, 2014

Purtis Creek State Park - February 20-23, 2014

Well we took our first camping trip of the year!!  We had a BEAUTIFUL weekend and decided to take full advantage of it and went to Purtis Creek State Park.  This was our first time at this state park, but it will not be our last!

We had a grand time in this quiet, small, clean park!  We originally were only reserved for Thursday night and Friday night, but the weather was so PERFECT that we decided to stay Saturday night as well!

We walked every trail of the park, which meant we probably walked 6 miles or more the three days we were there!  We even got in some geocaching - finding all three caches that are in the park!

We enjoyed nights by the campfire!  We grilled out our meals and of course had smores and then all sat around the campfire while I read a Hank the Cow Dog book!  It was tons of fun!!  (this was the first trip that the kids did not watch ANY tv the entire trip!  They brought books and when we were done outside for the night they got cleaned up and got in their bunks and read their books until bed time!)

It was so nice to get away!  It was long overdue!  We are striving to get more camping in this year and are looking at once a month camping trips!  Our next trip is going to be the last weekend in March.  We will be headed to Oklahoma on our trip that we didn't get to make last year (due to a snow storm) to Robbers Cave State Park and to an indian reservation.  We are all super excited about that trip!  In June we will be headed up to Tennessee!!  :-)

Here are some picture highlights from our trip!

 the kids LOVED this tree we found on one of our hikes!

 They all found walking sticks

 signs of spring (weird though - as I am typing this we have sleet melting outside and last night was the COLDEST night of the season to date)

 The SMORES buffet!!! 

 Kids patiently waiting to cook their smores

 I love Aaron's idea of fishing! LOL! 

 I think she got more on her face than in her mouth!

Reading Hank the Cow Dog by the fire!

We can't wait until the next trip!!

Until next time,

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