Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Decorating and Organizing!

It's funny - it seems like after every trip I figure out a different way to organize the camper to make it *hopefully* work for us!  I keep wishing for the day when I will finally have it all figured out.  :-)

In trying to get ready for our big family vacation that we will be taking soon I have thought of some different ideas!  I have also found a creative way to decorate the camper without having to worry about making sure pictures are securely attached or having to take them down and reattach them every time we move to a different spot.  (We are going to 6 different spots on our next trip so that would be a pain!)

So here are some pictures of what I come up with.  After our vacation I will post about how well they did or didn't work!

So for decorating I found on Amazon some really cute vinyl decals.  With the camper having smooth walls I thought this would be the perfect solution and it was!!!  :-)  And I found them for really cheap on Amazon - so that was another bonus.  They were not hard to attach - just took a little bit of patience.

This was put in our bedroom.

This was put in the bathroom over the toilet.  This is a curved wall so it would have been impossible to find a picture to hang there!  This was a perfect solution!

This is on a small wall in our living area.

And look at this cute one I found for the kitchen!!

And there was plenty of space below our tv - so I was able to put a nice sized one there!

I love them and think they are perfect for our RV!!

For organizing - after researching Pinterest :-) and scouring through Amazon I found some cheap solutions to try out!  I am hoping they all work!  This vacation will be the test for these!

One thing I loved seeing on pinterest was a shoe organizer they attached to the screen door.  I couldn't find a mesh one to fit but I found this one.  Hubby doesn't think this will work - but we will see.  I am hoping it does!  If it doesn't I am out less than $5 for trying :-)

I found some cute little hanging pockets that I thought the kids would enjoy to stash their stuff!  The pockets were a little smaller than they looked on the pictures but at $5 a piece is still worth a shot.  The kids love them!  They always want to take little toys with them - this should be perfect for storing those away.  (they each have one at the foot of their bed - Alyssa's has polka dots and lace but I forgot to get a picture of it)

 I also fell in love with this organizer - I have put it in the kids room and it nicely holds all their dvds plus a few other stuff.  (all of these are hanging on the wall using those nifty 3M hooks (with the easy to remove tabs).

 I was super excited for this find!  This was a stick on white board!  The kids suggested one so that I can put a calendar on it or notes about their clothes or stuff to help them!  Plus if we are ever out in the RV and want to school this will come in handy!  This was only $7.  It took a little work to get all the bubbles out but I did and it stuck great!!

 So also found this over the wall organizer and saw on Pinterest how they used it on the bathroom door to store bathroom items!  I thought that was a great idea!  I was impressed with the quality of this item (once again - less than $10).  And the colors match our color scheme in the camper!!  And it is behind the towel rack so we can still use the towel rack!

In fact I was so impressed with it that I ordered another one for the kids room!  I thought it would be perfect to store their socks and underwear in!  In the picture below I put some in there just to see how it is going to work out!  It will be pretty much full for vacation.  I will have to make sure to get a picture of it all filled up for vacation.  I am hoping this works like a dream!

And I was so excited about that and was getting carried away LOL that I decided to use the left over of the shoe organizer I cut for the screen door and attach to the inside of my wardrobe to hold my panties and socks!  I am hoping it works.  In the picture I put some stuff in there just to see how it would work!  (and you can barely see my hanging organizer in my wardrobe that I already had to put my clothes in - I got that when we first got this camper and it works great!!

 And I have this skinny hanging organizer that I have put in the long skinny closet in my room to store cleaning supplies in.  (and you can see my hanging pockets for my bed - this was a $4 add on when I ordered the others so I thought why not!

So I am excited to see how all of this works out!!  I will let you know!

Until next time,

(oh and I realized that I am super behind in posting our trips.  I have all the pics ready and most of the write ups - one of my goals this summer is to get caught up on getting them posted.  I am also hoping to make our next book from these posts (we have already made one!)

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  1. Enjoying your blog. I'm going to read back & catch up on the Watson history.
    Really like the way you've used the vinyl decals in the rv. I'll have to look in to some. I thought about doing some freehand painting but with the decals you can easily remove them when you're ready to trade the rv. (no, we are not looking for a new rv - love our rig!)
    Check Dollar Tree for more organizing ideas. I got some small personal shower tote/organizers that I used for a project our church did for the local homeless shelter. Alyssa might like having her own shower items in her own tote.
    Okay, I'm finished with my comment, I have to go to Amazon & look at vinyl decals!



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