Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shame on Me and a new Treasure!!

Ok so I realize that I am several trips behind on updating this blog - I know - shame on me!!  I am working today to get caught up!  I have some new motivation though to get myself caught up and to stay caught up!!

This is my motivation!!

This is my grandmother's camping journal that she kept of trips that her and my grandpa took with my mom and her brothers when they were kids!  My grandmother was notorious for documenting and keeping EVERYTHING (sometimes to a fault) but she has everything documented - where they went, where they stayed, what food was stocked in the camper, her menu plans, and even how much she paid for the food!!

I have already started making a camping recipe book and including all the recipes that she has in the journal and have enjoyed reading stories from the journal of their camping adventures.

And then I realized I am not doing a good job of keeping up with our trips and I want to do better.  I want my kids and grandkids to have this treasure from me :-)

So I am going to hopefully get this blog caught up today with our trips and hopefully will do a better job of keeping it caught up :-).

So I better end this post so I can start that catching up!!


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