Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spring Trips to Bardwell Lake

Spring is a pretty busy time of year around our house.  With Seth's birthday in March and Alyssa's in April, and then throw in Easter in the mix, there is not too many free weekends.  But we wanted to go camping so bad so we did two different trips to Bardwell Lake, which is only like 20 minutes from home!

Our first trip was from Thursday March 31, 2011 to Saturday April 2, 2011.  We stayed at Waxahachie Creek Park and really enjoyed the park.  It was really small but it was also quiet and we didn't have too many neighbors.

We found a neat little spot for the kids to put their feet in the water.

We also enjoyed flying our kites!


Our second Lake Bardwell trip was Thursday May 19, 2011 to Saturday May 21, 2011.  We tried to go back to Waxahachie Creek Park but were unable to stay there because their computer system was down and  they had no way to record payments??? Kind of weird but we went across the street to Highview Marina and Park.  It was a nice park but we didn't like it as well as Waxahachie Creek.  It was more open, not as many trees.

But the biggest memory of this weekend was the fishing!!  Seth caught either 4 or 5 fish all by himself!!  He was so proud of him!  Daniel also got a few small fish on his line and he let Aaron reel them in and think that he caught them!  They really enjoyed fishing.

There was a big storm that rolled in Friday night so we had our first experience of the camper in the rain!  Thankfully there were no leaks and we didn't blow away!  Whoo!!

It is nice to have a place close by that we can go to for a quick getaway!

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