Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fairfield State Park

On April 12-15, 2011 we went and camped at Fairfield State Park! We originally planned a birthday party for Alyssa on Saturday April 15th at our house, it when we discovered so many friends had conflicts that weekend and could not make it we decided to change plans and do a camping trip. We picked Fairfield State Park because it was right at the halfway point between my parents and Daniel's. They all came down to the campsite on Saturday to have a birthday party there!

Fairfield State Park is a beautiful wooded park! It was quite big! We were able to get a nice big pull through spot right on the water's edge.

Here are some pics of our campsite.

Thursday night we cooked on an oak campfire!! We had chicken that was wrapped around cream cheese and jalapeƱo (no peppers on kids'), then wrapped in bacon, some grilled corn and baked beans! It was super yummy!!

We are facing west on the lake so we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset!!

We also enjoyed some s'mores!!!

Friday morning we had a foil pack breakfast. We put in each pack a frozen hash brown patty, 2 eggs scrambled, and 2 frozen sausage patties. We wrapped them up and cooked them on the propane grill!! They were very tasty.

We played around the camper all morning. PaPa came down to bring the boys bicycle helmets since they had forgotten them. We had visiting and having lunch with him.

After he left we decided to go on a nature walk.

When we were in the drought last year, and the lake got low, the grass really grew up and then the lake filled up again. But they haven't mowed the grass (the park really needs to have some maintenance done). So it did no good to sit in the benches...the grass in front of them was taller than the bench!

Here was Seth having fun on a stump!

Look at this hairy thing that I found! YIKES!! Alyssa and I took our time walking and trying to find as many nature things as we could. The boys seemed to always be way ahead of us. I guess they didn't like looking at nature as much as us.

Here's another nature thing we found - some cool mushrooms.

Seth did find some raccoon tracks though!

When we came to the end of the track we realized that we made a loop around...and also realized that we just walked a 2 mile nature walk!! GO KIDS!!! They did great!!

When we got back to the camper Daddy and Alyssa took a 2 hour nap! While they were napping the boys played outside and I baked cookies for Alyssa's "party" the next day and read my book!! It was such a peaceful time!!!!

After the naps we decided to take the kids swimming. We were excited to be the only ones there (since the only place you really could swim at this park was the designated swimming running creeks to jump in here).

So that we wouldn't have wet kids in the truck on the way back to the site I had them take off their underwear and shirts and just swim in their shorts (that way when we were done they could take off the wet shorts and ride back in their dry shirts and underwear!) Even Alyssa was topless - LOL!!! But they had a ball!

Also that day we saw this cool tree that was in a wash out area!! Look at all those roots!!

Here was Friday night's beautiful sunset!

Saturday morning when we realized we still had some time before the family got there for the "party" we decided to check out another trail. This time we went to the bird watching trail. It was a lot shorter than Friday's but it was still a neat trail.

After the trail we came back and everyone showed up to celebrate Alyssa's 3rd birthday!! Of course she picked out her cake - she wanted a pink cake with pink icing. We put princess candies and magic wand candles on it as well.

The kids had fun playing in our sun shade tent.

Everyone had fun visiting.

Alyssa got her first bike from MiMi and Poppy! She was so excited...but still has not gotten down the concept of pedaling.

The boys talked and shared stories ALL day! I think Aaron thought Joey talked a little bit too much though. LOL!

We also got in a little bit of fishing time.

Man Daniel got some good use out of his grill this weekend!! We grilled almost every meal this trip!! He is a grill master!! :-)

It was a very fun weekend! Fairfield State Park is a very nice park. The sites are all good sites. We feel though that there needs to be some maintenance and clean up done - lots of tall tall grass and lots of dead trees). But we decided we would go back - especially if we wanted to do a "meet-up" of the families because it is about the same distance for everyone to get there!

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