Monday, April 2, 2012

Meridian State Park (with a Dinosaur Field Trip)

(ok I noticed I forgot another trip on here...our trip to Lake Grapevine...I will post about that after this one)

This past weekend we went to Meridian State Park. I was the field trip coordinator for our homeschool group for the month of March and planned a trip for the group to go to Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Valley State Park. We decided to make a camping weekend out of it for my family. We tried to get into Dinosaur Valley but they were already booked up so we decided to go to Meridian State Park. It was only 30 minutes away from Glen Rose and was the state park that Daniel grew up going to so he knew it quite well!

I must say it was a small park but it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! So far this has been our favorite spot! I didn't get a picture of our actual camping spot with the RV. This park only has 8 spots that fit our size RV but they are all pull through spots and all have full hook up!! (at $20 a night it was a STEAL!)

We got in late Thursday morning and got set up. Daniel has to go to Ft Worth for a business meeting he could not get out of. The kids and I went on a walk on one of the nature trails and then we had some friends from our group that were staying at Dinosaur Valley come out and have some fun with us that afternoon! Here are pictures from that fun day!!

Here are pictures from the nature walk!! Man the bluebonnets were out and were beautiful and smelled so sweet!!

Here are pictures from our fun time with our friend! The park ranger had told us about a creek that would be a fun spot for the kids to play in. And boy was it! We told them to only wade in the water, but it didn't take long before they were soaked from head to toe!

I just have to share this picture of Alyssa and I from Friday morning. We had a fun time snuggling on the couch before we faced our big day of fun!!

We met our homeschool group at Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX. We had about 40 kids and 30 adults attend and it was a blast!!!

The kids had fun digging for fossils! Aaron was so proud of the ones he found!! (He is my dinosaur lover you know!)

Some cute pics of the kids with the dinosaur statues.

We also enjoyed our picnic lunch there and the kids had fun on the neat playground.

From there we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park. We went to the area that has a creek you can cross to see dinosaur tracks on the other side. We have done this several times before but this was the highest I have ever seen the water at this point (which makes it even stranger to believe we were in a drought last year). Still everyone had fun making the crossing to see the tracks.

After the field trip some friends came out to the camper and we grilled out steaks and made smores!! YUM!!!

Friday night the kids were pretty puckered out! After their baths they crawled in their beds and watched Wall-E.

You can see in the pictures the storage boxes on their beds. We came up with this idea after our last trip! We were trying to figure out ways to expand our storage and came up with the idea of getting them their own boxes to keep their clothes, toys, etc... we figured since the beds were 6 ft long or so (same length as twin beds) that it would be a few years before they filled up the whole bed and so there was some extra space on the ends. I have to say this worked out soooo well!!! This opened up storage where we were having to keep their stuff and this also helped to keep things off the floor because we made sure it was understood their stuff was suppose to stay in their box!

On Saturday Daniel's parents and brother came out and spent the last day out there with us. It was fun hearing of their many memories of staying there. We had fun walking some of the trails and found the wash-out cave that Daniel loved to play in as a child! It was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

The last picture is a nice view of Lake Meridian!!

I am SOOO READY for our next long trip in the RV!!

Until next time,

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