Monday, February 16, 2015

Cedar Hill State Park February 12-15, 2015

Ok - so I don't have too many pictures of this trip but it was still a good trip!

We have been talking for quite some time about finding a good spot to camp in the metroplex area for weekends when we want to camp but have a lot going on.  When homeschool classes are in session for the kids and I they usually happen every other Friday.  Well this last week they happened to fall on the same day as Daniel's sales meeting in Grapevine!  So we thought we would try it out and see how it works!

We went to Cedar Hill State Park!  It is a big state park and lots of traffic but still better than an RV Park in our opinion!  We went and set up Thursday afternoon.  The kids and I came straight from our music lessons and Daniel met us there with the camper!  So Friday morning we head our separate ways.  The kids and I were only 20 minutes from our classes (compared to 45 minutes from home) and Daniel was only about 30 minutes from his meeting (compared to the 1 hr 15 minutes or so from home!)  So we all got to sleep a little bit later and had a little bit nicer drive to our destinations!  And then we all met back at the camper and had the rest of the weekend to play!!  :-)

We brought the camper home early Sunday morning and dropped it off at the house and then headed to church!  So we had a full weekend of camping and didn't miss church! YAY!  :-)

We will probably be doing this again on a weekend that we are just dying to go camping but have these other obligations!  We can always make it work somehow!!

We made hamburgers with bacon and guacamole and fried french fries for supper on Thursday night!  (you know how I love my food LOL!)  I was in the kitchen and saw them setting up the campfire and thought I would try to capture a picture of my view.  :-)

And since it was Valentine's weekend we had to have some fun!!  We got heart-shaped marshmallows!!

And of course Seth had to climb yet another tree!  He was yelling that he was stuck here!  I told him I would get a picture while his Dad came to help him get down LOL!

I have to remember to have the camera out more for these trips!

Until next time,

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