Monday, February 16, 2015

WE HAVE A NEW CAMPER!! - And Lake Whitney State Park January 15-18, 2015

Well, after the first of the year we decided to look at campers...originally thinking it would be 6 months or so before we purchased...only to purchase one two weeks later LOL!!!  But we are so super excited about our new "home away from home".

We ended up purchasing it at the Ft Worth RV Show from FunTown RV in Cleburne!

We decided that funner way to pick it up than to head straight to a camping spot with it!  So we made reservations at Lake Whitney State Park!

Ok - so when you are moving out of a camper that you have had for 3 is almost like moving out of a house LOL!!  And since we were going straight to a campsite from the dealership we had to have loaded what we needed in the new camper.  So it was basically a chore of boxing and stacking up everything so that it could be easily moved from the old camper to the new one.  Here are a couple of pictures of the all camper all packed up.

At the dealership we just moved stuff over and then when we got to the campsite I unloaded everything and put it all away.

Here are some pics of the NEW camper!!!!

 Aaron and Alyssa's beds!
 Seth on his bed!
 Alyssa wanted a picture showing how comfortable her new bed is! LOL!  (their mattresses are about 3 times as thick as their old ones!)
 Our beautiful BIG couch!  (and that table is now in the school room LOL!  We switched it out with the folding table from the school house because it folds even flatter and weighs a ton less!)
 The view of the kitchen form the couch!
 The master bedroom - you can't see the wardrobe to the left - it is on it's own slide out!
 The bathroom with a cool shower! (we have SO much more room in our new bathroom!)
 Alyssa was chillin' on the new couch!
 My pantry!!  :-)  And this is my awesome kitchen space!
The outside view of the camper!

We were greeted by visitors as soon as we got there!

The entire family on one couch!!  :-)

Relaxing out in the beautiful weather working on co-op classes!  :-)

And of course you can't have a camping trip without a campfire and marshmallows!

We are all so super excited about our new RV!  We want to go camping every weekend!  LOL!

Until next time,

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