Monday, February 16, 2015

Fort Parker State Park January 29th - February 1st, 2015

So, we had been planning on getting with my parents in January already and when we got the new camper we decided that what would be funner but to go camping with them!!  We have had our eyes on Ft Parker State Park for awhile and it is good midway point between our home and theirs so we decided it would be the perfect place to meet up!

We actually went down on Thursday.  Daniel's parents came down for the day on Friday and we went to the old Ft Parker and then Mom and Dad got their Friday evening!

The beginning of that week the forecast looked very cold and very rainy....but we all know how trustworthy forecasts can be in North Texas so we didn't pay much attention to it.  And I am so glad that we didn't!  It turned out to be a very nice weekend!

So our spot was RIGHT on the lake and faced the west so we got some AWESOME sunset pictures!  And there was a tree that Seth fell in love with!  (He LOVES to climb trees! I am just glad he never fell in the water! LOL!)

 I finally used the panoramic feature on my phone camera!

Here are some pictures from Old Fort Parker.

Here are a few more pics from this weekend!

 Alyssa found the perfect spot!!!  It was just her size! :-)

 Look at this HUGE tree!! 
It kept looking like it was going to rain our last morning so we decided it might be safer to cook inside... I put our griddle attachment for our grill on top of the stove.  It worked out pretty good (but would probably do better with a griddle attachment that was made to fit that stove LOL - buy we made it work!!  oh  - and that is french toast by the way! YUMMY!!!!!! )

It was definitely another trip for the record books!

Until next time,

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