Sunday, June 12, 2016

2016 Summer Vacation Part 2 - Balmorhea State Park

The second stop of our summer vacation was at Balmorhea State Park!  When we vacationed at Big Bend three years ago we tried to visit Balmorhea.  It was on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and it was so full that we were not allowed in!!!  There was a line of cars waiting on the street to get in.  They would only let you in if someone left!  Needless to say we didn't even try and just gave up.

We have looked at Balmorhea several times since then and every time we look it is full.  So we were super excited when we were able to get in this time!  We originally were not even going to go this way for our vacation but Daniel had another job in Alpine, Tx so we worked it into our vacation.  This is how both Balmorhea and Monahans Sandhills came to be part of the vacation!

We were at Balmorhea from May 30-June 1, 2016.  We had a wonderful time here!!  The pool is really neat and is a MUST SEE for anyone who likes to travel in Texas!!  Now we did decide that if you come that you need to stay in Davis Mountains and then come visit Balmorhea to swim.  Swimming is about the only thing the park had to offer.  Also come during the week to swim!  There is hardly anyone at the pool during the week!  There is also a cute little pond area that has tons of turtles.  Both evenings we were there we traveled into Ft Davis to get ice cream at Herbert's Caboose (a spot we discovered on our Big Bend trip three years prior).

Here are pictures from our stay at Balmorhea!

A view of our camping spot

Our first day of swimming - this was on Memorial Day and the pool was quite crowded so we didn't spend much time swimming this first day.  Look how clear the water is though!!  Oh - and it stays between 72 and 76 degrees year round!!  It was quite cold when you first get in!

Going to Ft Davis for ice cream!

 Aaron LOVED his ice cream!!

We took the kids to one of our favorite rest stops in Davis Mountains!

This is a sunset we caught on the way back!

Seth and Daniel got some cool lightning shots back at the campsite.

Day 2 - we were delayed for a bit while Daniel had to go pick up a prescription for Seth's fever blister outbreak (we thankfully have a wonderful dentist who was willing to call in the prescription to the nearest town!)  The kids and I hung out at the camper while he was gone.

Some turtles from the pond -

Aaron's "waterfall" that is was so excited to find

Daddy came home with new goggles!!

Back to the pool!!  This was Tuesday and we were one of the only ones there!!   

Seth went off the high dive!  The water was 25 ft deep at this part of the pool!!  In fact we saw several scuba divers - this happens to be a popular scuba diving spot as well!

And Aaron got a second helping of his YUMMY ice cream!  LOL!!

Balmorhea will be a park we will never forget!

Until next time,

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