Sunday, June 12, 2016

2016 Summer Vacation Part 6 - Blanco State Park Continued

So this is a continuation of our stay at Blanco State Park.  As I stated previously this was our central hub for visiting Austin, San Antonio and Fredricksburg.

Blanco Part 4 - Enchanted Rock and Fredricksburg

So on Tuesday we headed out to Enchanted Rock State Park.  We took the Summit trail and survived!!  It was about a 1/2 mile trail that went basically straight up!  It burned your calves going up and hurt your knees coming down!  Aaron one the prize for best hiker for this trail!

After the climb we walked around Fredricksburg.  We even found another hamburger place that had gluten free buns!!

We then went and toured the Wildseed Farms.  The flowers weren't quite as colorful as they were during a trip Daniel and I took this spring - but it was still a very pretty area.  And we got to see some Monarchs - they were on their way back to Canada!

Blanco Part 5- San Antonio

So when we set out for our vacation we had about decided to not do the Alamo on this trip.  We haven't done Texas history in school yet so we figured that the kids wouldn't get much out of it.  But we had an AWESOME guide for our Capital tour and she was explaining two paintings that are in the Texas Senate room - 'The Battle of the Alamo' and 'The Battle At San Jacinto'.  The boys were FASCINATED with this and kept asking questions.  So we asked them if they would like to to go see the Alamo and they very enthusiastically said yes!  So we went and first saw 'Alamo: The Price of Freedom' at the IMAX and then went and toured the Alamo and they loved it!!

We also walked the riverwalk for a bit and toured the fire museum there in San Antonio as well.  It was a great day!

Ok - we have one more day of fun for our vacation - but there were so many pictures from that day that I am going to do put it in one last blog post so stay tuned!

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